30 day challenge.

Taking care of your wellness does not have to be a mundane or highly demanding task. Doing something small everyday will contribute greatly towards creating a better you. Here’s a 30-day challenge to try out which will help you develop healthy habits in your every day routine. It’s as easy as 1 2 3.

Day 1: Start your day with a smoothie from fruit and vegetables you find in your fridge

Day 2: Sit down and plan your meals for the rest of the week

Day 3: Go for a 20 minute walk

Day 4: Eat 3 different fruits

Day 5: Drink 1 glass of water every time you eat something

Day 6: Prepare your lunch using just vegetables

Day 7: Take a cold shower

Day 8: Replace white bread/pasta with a wholemeal alternative

Day 9: Jump rope for 5 minutes

Day 10: Drink a cup of green tea

Day 11: Do not add salt to any of your meals

Day 12: Eat 30g of nuts

Day 13: Take a hot bath

Day 14: Drink fresh orange juice as a part of your breakfast

Day 15: Pair up pieces of fruit with some cheese and eat as a snack

Day 16: Go for a 20 minute walk and jog for 3 minutes

Day 17: Spare one hour to do something you love

Day 18: Try a fruit you’ve never eaten before

Day 19: Read a fitness related article

Day 20: Eat an apple between breakfast and lunch

Day 21: Cook your favourite recipe and add some vegetables to it

Day 22: For today, take the stairs whenever you see them

Day 23: Find a new, healthy recipe and try it out

Day 24: Avoid caffeinated coffee all day

Day 25: Workout twice

Day 26:  Go to bed early and make sure to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep

Day 27: Prepare and eat a nice soup for dinner

Day 28: Go for a 20 minute walk and jog for 4 minutes

Day 29: Eat a meatless meal

Day 30: Try a vegetable you’ve never had before